Dawson County Finance Department

Finance Department photo Vickie Neikirk, Chief Financial Officer

25 Justice Way, Suite 2214
Dawsonville, GA 30534


(706) 344-3501 phone

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Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Vickie Neikirk, Chief Financial Officer
(706) 344-3500 x42214 phone
(706) 344-3501 phone

Natalie Johnson, Accounting and Budget Manager
(706) 344-3500 x42215 phone
(706) 344-3501 phone

Melissa Hawk, Purchasing Manager
(706) 344-3500 x42223 phone
(706) 344-3501 phone
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Laurie Whalen, Accounts Receivable/P-Card/Payroll
(706) 344-3500 x42216 phone
(706) 344-3501 phone

Cheri McMillon, Accounts Payable
(706) 344-3500 x42225 phone
(706) 344-3501 phone

Rachel Seal, Accountant
(706) 344-3500 x42224 phone
(706) 344-3501 phone

Tiffany Young, Accountant
(706) 344-3500 x42253 phone
(706) 344-3501 phone

Our Mission

The mission of the Dawson County Finance Department is to provide the citizens, the Board of Commissioners (BOC), and the departments of the County with responsible financial management of County funds with the priorities and major goals established by the BOC; and

  • To track spending of tax dollars and accurately, account/report fiscal activity timely, including capital projects, i.e., SPLOST funding, Impact fees, and bond projects;
  • To comply with external requirements (bond disclosure, state reporting) to protect the County fiscal rating;
  • To manage and account for the County’s property and assets; and
  • To be responsive to the fiscal needs and concerns of the County departments and citizens.



Budgets by Year

FY 2018 Budget Book
FY 2018 Approved Budget
FY 2017 Budget Book
FY 2017 Budget
FY 2016 Budget Book
FY 2016 Budget
FY 2015 Budget Book
FY 2015 Budget
FY 2014 Budget
FY 2013 Budget
FY 2012 Budget
FY 2011 Budget
FY 2010 Budget

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports(CAFR) by Year

2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

SPLOST Annual Reports by Year

2016 SPLOST Annual Report


Monthly Hotel/Motel Tax Form

Monthly Finance Update

November 2017